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Some of our most successfull achievements

Discover here some of our customer references (Laboratories, healthcare establishments, Liberals, Industries) in our markets.

Kaffrine hospital

STEAM selected by Ellipse to equip the sterilization area of ​​three hospitals with 150 beds and one with 300 beds.🪛

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CH Kaffrine Sénégal 2021.png

Clinique du Parc - Castelnau (34)

Intervention on a Colussi ML 100 washer-disinfector.🪛

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Clinique du Parc (34) 2022.JPG

Clinic in Casablanca

Turnkey CSSD (2 sterilizers, trolleys, consumables). 🗝️

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Groupe de cliniques Casablanca_2022.png

Biofaq Laboratory - Mauguio (34)

 3 refrigerated cabinets 1400L. 🪛

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Lettres scrabble au 10.04.22 2 pimpée.png

Ajinomoto Laboratory - Amiens (80)

600 L P3 version autoclave, with diamond point tank and S@TIS software. 🪛

Install° PROHS 600L P3 AJINOMOTO 006.jpg
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A long-term collaboration

We don't just offer you a product or a solution, we support you. From strategic design to operational implementation, our team of experts is at your side throughout your project and ensures that your objectives are achieved.







Today, an observation, an expertise. Tomorrow, become a partner and plan for long-term support.

It's your turn, would you trust us?

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