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Extract from the 26 October, 26th 2020 Press release.../

STEAM France informs its shareholders of the launch, by majority shareholders holding together 92.2% of the capital, within the framework of the provisions of Article 5.2 paragraph 4 of the Euronext Access Rules of June, 19th 2017 (the “Market rules”), a voluntary offer to redeem (the “Offer”) for the 61,904 STEAM France shares that the majority group of shareholders does not currently own approximately 7.8% of the capital of STEAM France.


It is recalled that 467 STEAM France shares are currently admitted to trading on Euronext Access (formerly Free Market) under the ISIN code FR0013063559 (mnemonic: MLSEC).

As part of this Offer, STEAM France undertakes to offer to STEAM France’s minority shareholders to acquire all of their shares at a price of €3.68 per share.

The Offer will be open from November 13, 2020 to December 17, 2020 inclusive (the “Offer Period”).

Intégralité du communiqué de presse

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