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Index on Gender Equality

In accordance with the Law of September 5th, 2018; on "Freedom to choose one's professional future" and its implementing decree of January 8th, 2019, aimed at closing the pay gap between Women and Men, an Index on Women-Men's professional Equality has been published and should be calculated annually.

This 100-points Index should enable companies to assess themselves in terms of equal pay and, if applicable, implement corrective actions. Companies for which the Index is less than 75 points, must take corrective measures to remedy, within 3 years, the disparities between the types of its employees, under penalty.

At Steam France's

For 2019, we obtained a score of 50/60 points, one of the indicators with a value of 40 points, being not calculable.

This note reflects our commitment to equal opportunities for Women and Men. Aware of the importance of gender diversity at work, which is a factor of collective enrichment, social balance and economic efficiency, we have been seeking for several years to guarantee equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees, regardless of their gender.

Equality from the start of employment, and at all stages of working life is a major issue in the development of the individual, within the organization.

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