Why us ?

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> 38 Competent technical trainers, both regulatory and normative, as well as technical
> National, Moroccan and international coverage on request.

Our expertise

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> Audits and Support:
On-site to identify your internal needs and issues, in order to offer you the best possible solution, before, during and after your project
> Autoclave Driver Training
> Training in Good Practices in Sterilization:
Module can be proposed / adapted to Pharmacists, Technicians, Engineers, Staff
Training in "Hygiene in Sterilization" (cleaning, hygiene of the hands of the staff, etc.) can also be envisaged
> Technical training:
On Medical Devices. The range of the program covers all equipment (washers, autoclaves, welders, etc.) regardless of their brands
or their technologies, with customization of it according to the needs, the
constraints and resources of the client.

Technical training (more advanced and specific):
     - Good Practices in Endoscopy (for Engineers and staff).
     - Sterilization with hydrogene peroxide.


They entrust us

> Since May 4th, 2018, referenced by Datadock (french institution), we meet the requirements of the decree Quality of the law of 30/06/15, applicable to all Training organizations. Our training "Autoclaves driver" can therefore be taken in charge by your usual French financial organization (AGEFOS PME, Opcalia, Actalians, Opcalim, Unifaf, ...).

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