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Co-construction of your Sterilization department for the implementation and design of Central Sterile Services Department.

Provision of technical and functional training services.

Audit and advice on site, before, during and after your project.

Accompagnement-formations à la conduite d'autoclaves.png

Since May 4, 2018, referenced by Datadock in France, we thus meet the requirements of the Quality decree of the law of 06/30/15, applicable to all Training organizations. Our "Autoclave driver" training can therefore be supported by your usual funding organization (AGEFOS PME, Opcalia, Actalians, Opcalim, Unifaf, etc.).


Let's talk about it ...

Our strengths

  • All our Technicians are competent trainers, both in terms of regulations and standards, and technically.

  • National, Moroccan and on-demand international coverage.

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