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Your sterilization process needs an expert : whatever your request … we answer.
STEAM France is a recognized training organization : Number of declaration of existence: 91-34-05572-34.

- Training Courses
    Autoclave Operator
    Good Practices of Sterilization, Level 1
    Good Practices of Sterilization, Level 2
    Good Practices of Sterilization, evaluation and adjustment
- Education Quality
    Quality assurance in sterilization
    Health and safety
    Risks and “what to do”
- Environment Training  
- Ergonomics Training

Objectives of our training :
We try to provide ongoing value-added and high quality training programs.
What we mean by "quality" is :
- Courses given by trainers with excellent teaching abilities and high level skills.
- A relevant technical content, timely and appropriate.
- A training program alternating theory and practice.
- A flexible approach taking into consideration differing levels of competence and knowledge.

At STEAM France, to ensure the successful transfer of competences, our training strategy is divided into four steps :
-    Creating a positive environment : a positive learning environment maximizes students' ability to absorb new information, this environment is reinforced by the initial definition of objectives and the confirmation of experience. The motivation of students is enhanced through the gradual introduction of new skills based on their initial knowledge. Students are encouraged to develop the confidence to identify problems and find solutions themselves.
-    Diffusion of information : training. The trainer summarizes the essential ideas in a presentation mode.
-    Knowledge translation : practical exercises and situation scenarios relevant to the objectives of the module are undertaken. It is through this step that the information can be transformed into knowledge.
-    Review and adjustment : a positive analysis of the session is proposed. The objectives of the module are then reviewed. This feedback provides a review of knowledge and allows the students to ask questions and the teacher to readjust if necessary.
List of products :
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Offre spéciale Juin-Juillet 2014

SOUDEUSE 2 199 € 

- Thermo-soudeuse TS46, table lisse à défilement continu avec écran tactile couleur.

Conforme norme ISO 11607-2

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