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Exigences et Excellence en stérilisation : Votre requete, Notre réponse.
Logiciel S@tis
Traçabilité DM
S@TIS Process V3
STEAM France has created and developed simple, effective and efficient, software packages to secure and standardize the traceability of your sterilization center and optimize your work time :

-    S@TIS supervision
-    S@TIS DM
-    S@TIS environment

The S@TIS software tools offer continuous and real time, computer controlled monitoring of all your equipment (washers and autoclaves) regardless of brand or manufacturer.

The global benefits of S@TIS are :

-    Quality control
-    Eliminating the risk of infection
-    Monitoring lifecycle of tools
-    Improved treatment of medical devices
-    Compliance with standards and regulations

Software S@TIS the + :

-    Ease of use
-    Safety
-    Ergonomic and intuitive
-    Rapid implementation, simple and effective
-    Architecture built and customized for your sterilization center
-    Reactivity and dedicated service hotline.
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