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In addition to its maintenance services, STEAM France offers two lines of metrology service:

-    Benefits of calibration and adjustment.

We can provide a service whereby we assess the measurement control of devices (pressure and temperature cycles), make appropriate adjustments when necessary and offer assurance of accuracy and validity. Validation and calibration certificates are provided.
Ces prestations sont sanctionnées par la fourniture d’un certificat d’étalonnage.

-    Regulatory benefits qualification, requalification and metrological verification, consistent with current standards.

In order to guarantee impartiality, STEAM France has chosen to outsource these services to selected local independent partner organizations rather than use its own maintenance technicians.
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Offre spéciale Juin-Juillet 2014

SOUDEUSE 2 199 € 

- Thermo-soudeuse TS46, table lisse à défilement continu avec écran tactile couleur.

Conforme norme ISO 11607-2

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