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Inspired by a culture of "customer service", Jean-Pierre BOFFY created STEAM France in Montpellier ... Read more
STEAM France continues to grow and optimizes its approach to organizing activities ... Read more
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Inspired by a culture of "customer service", Jean-Pierre BOFFY created STEAM France in Montpellier, in February 1999. This was the first maintenance company for multi-technology and multi-brand equipment in the field of hospital sterilization.

Building on its success in the first year, the network expanded with 3 new agencies in 2002: Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, employing around 30 staff throughout France by 2003.

While success of the company in the first few years was service focused, Jean-Pierre was then motivated to further develop the business with respect to its strong field teams, in order to meet the demand of its customers. STEAM France then proposed a comprehensive range of cleaners, accessories and consumables.

In the interim, STEAM France developed a traceability solution and supervision "S@TIS Process", sales of which began in mid-2003 with the installation of a reference site in APHP (Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris).

From 2004 to 2009 the company continued to expand through extension of its coverage, strengthening its structure at headquarters and in the subsidiaries and of its IT activities.
To consolidate its growth in 2009, STEAM France made several financial transactions with partners such as OSEO, the “Region Languedoc-Roussillon” and the “Caisse des Depots”, operations that allow harmonious and sustainable support of the company.

2010 and 2011 saw two years of strong growth, an increase of 20% in personnel to over 50 employees and sales growth of more than 30%.

During this period the company decided :

  • to develop its own product lines by outsourcing to European companies, manufacturing its own autoclaves STEAM-JSM, STERICLEAN and detergents…
  • to start commercialization of the traceability solution "S@TIS DM", combining modern identification technologies, including RFID,
  • to propose new solutions for other laboratories and for dentists.

These different strategic decisions and diversifications are being achieved due to a more dense commercial structure of the company, while we still pride ourselves in maintaining exceptional expertise in sterilization gained since the formation of STEAM France.

Since the creation of STEAM France in 1999, the company has continued to develop and progress commensurate with one of our critical aims- that of customer satisfaction. We continue to build on our reputation for innovation and quality.

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SOUDEUSE 2 199 € 

- Thermo-soudeuse TS46, table lisse à défilement continu avec écran tactile couleur.

Conforme norme ISO 11607-2

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