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STEAM France has been in business since 1999, in France and has been developed internationally, through 4 business lines, to support hospitals, clinics, laboratories and industries.

We believe that customer service is a profession in itself, and customer satisfaction is one of our major objectives. STEAM France has amassed the competence, resources and expertise necessary to ensure a quality service at reasonable cost, while still respecting rigorous protocols.

We offer :

  • An appropriate response to your internal issues taking into account finances, personnel and quality.
  • An optimized organization and functional circuits to ensure continuity and reproducibility of sterilization operations.
  • Specific guidance and individual reports.
  • Provision of all equipment.
  • Products adapted to requirement.
  • A guarantee of support throughout projects.

STEAM France offers unique solutions to satisfy all requirements in sterilization and disinfection, through our technical and commercial, professional organization.

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You can contact us at
+33 825 002 552

Offre spéciale Juin-Juillet 2014

SOUDEUSE 2 199 € 

- Thermo-soudeuse TS46, table lisse à défilement continu avec écran tactile couleur.

Conforme norme ISO 11607-2

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