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Your sterilization process needs an expert : whatever your request … we answer.
Your sterilization facility plays a major role in your duty of care towards patients.

The guarantee of sterility of a product is based on quality assurance and strict compliance in all stages of the sterilization process.

STEAM France assists medical institutions, laboratories and other healthcare professionals in evaluating and improving the quality of sterilization, the safe use of sterile medical devices and the overall organization of sterilization services.

We offer a tailor-made solution for all your requirements whatever the application and whether it is a new or existing establishment.
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Offre spéciale Juin-Juillet 2014

SOUDEUSE 2 199 € 

- Thermo-soudeuse TS46, table lisse à défilement continu avec écran tactile couleur.

Conforme norme ISO 11607-2

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